Habitat Construction LLC
200 South 17th. St.   P.O. 550
Rocky Ford, Colorado 81067


Habitat Construction, LLC (HC) offers a variety of services for Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Kansas and Wyoming.

Services offered by HC include:

Earthwork, Construction & Maintenance
Our staff of construction managers have a combined experience of over 100 years in heavy equipment operation, construction management, and environmental reclamation.

Utility & Pipe Installation
HC offers installation services for utilities and pipelines. Our staff is experienced with installation of all sizes of HDPE, PVC, Steel, RCP, CMP and Ductile Iron Pipe.

Heavy Highway Construction
HC has extensive knowledge and experience in heavy construction. HC's managers have successfully completed many CDOT, ADOT and NMDOT Projects.

River Channel Reconstruction
HC offers river channel reconstruction, habitat enhancement and management of stream channel flows.

Final Gradinging with Natural Regrade
HC uses innovative geomorphic methods to construct post-mining topography. This method integrates site-specific environmental data in the design process. Graders and dozers can be guided with GPS instruments to achieve design accuracy. Geomorphic post-mining topography designs create sustainable landscapes. 

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